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Do I need to close my pool for the winter?2017-11-17T17:03:43+00:00

By properly closing your pool for the winter, you spend less time and money opening your pool in the spring. You will eliminate additional electrical costs, and harmful chemicals. By cleaning and avoiding possible freeze damage to equipment and plumbing, your pool is safe until springtime. By choosing pool maintenance professional such as Lagoon Pools will ensure spring start up to be a snap.

What are safety precautions for young children?2017-11-17T17:03:24+00:00

Safety pool cover and clean water maintained on a regular basis.

What type of cover should I choose?2017-11-17T17:03:06+00:00

These days, you can choose from a wide range of pool covers, with manual, semi-automatic and automatic systems. The automatic pool cover is recommended by numerous pool builders for its versatility and adaptability. The automatic covers closes easily, in less than a minute, depending on the pool size. It fits perfectly to most pool sizes and shapes. It locks for safety.

Do I need to cover my swimming pool?2017-11-17T17:02:50+00:00

Yes. The benefits of using a pool cover include reduced pool maintenance costs, solar heating, energy preservation and removal of evaporation. A swimming pool needs to have various safety components to prevent accidents happening in and around them. Safety is the most important and foremost virtue of a swimming pool cover.

What are the options of heating the pool?2017-11-17T17:02:33+00:00

There are number of options to heat the pool. The most common way is either by gas or heat pump. The other ways are by the means of heat exchanger, oil or electricity.

What pool finishes are available?2017-11-17T17:02:13+00:00

Though some people prefer tiles, marble or stone, the best one is glass mosaic. There is a vast choice of mosaic available on the market from a huge range of colours and finish look.

What pool design and size I should go for?2017-11-17T17:01:43+00:00

The pool design depends on the garden size and personal preference. In earlier times people tended to have deeper pools compared to nowadays, when the preference is given to the longer pools at constant depth. We will be more than happy to assist in decision making concerning this matter.

Liner or concrete pool?2017-11-17T17:01:23+00:00

Though concrete pool is more expensive to build, it will last for a life time compared to the liner pools which are less expensive, entail many other problems, especially if the water table is high and need replacing every 10-15 years. Lagoon Pools build only concrete pools on shotcrete method, a type of reinforced concrete, as follows: 2 firm steel cages which will consist of high tensile T10 steel rods and structural mesh fabrics to floors and walls. The concrete is sprayed to a thickness of approximately 200mm on walls, 200mm on floor, the , the sprayed concrete velocity will ensure maximum compaction.

Is the planning permission required to constructing a swimming pool?2017-11-17T16:48:48+00:00

In most cases there is no planning permission required for building the outdoor pool; to the contrary to the indoor pool where the planning permission is necessarily.

How long will it take to build a swimming pool?2017-11-17T16:48:23+00:00

The usual time for building one concrete pool takes about five to six weeks. In some circumstances the progress may be hindered by the developers working on the site at the same time or by weather conditions.



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