If you have a smaller swimming pool but are looking to enjoy the added benefits of having a larger body of water, Lagoon Pools recommends the addition of an integrated counter-current system. These turbines produce a powerful stream of water allowing you to swim on the spot, helping to provide a full-body workout without having to compromise on space.

These turbines produce a powerful stream of water meaning you can swim in place, helping you to hit your fifty laps without having to turn around.


For a counter-current system that offers uniqueness and durability, Lagoon Pools recommends the HydroStar. HydroStar generates a powerful yet beneficial current, working perfectly for the physically demanding training that swimmers endure.

We are proud to be a trusted partner of BINDER, the team behind the award winning turbine and are advocates for its integration with our swimming pools. Working with a trusted and specialist group, BINDER remain close to their customer base, an outlook matched by Lagoon Pools.

A Natural Swimming Experience

The turbine is suited for endurance swimming or for those looking to engage in water gymnastics. Counter-current systems can often be cumbersome and take up valuable space; the integrated turbine from BINDER can be fitted in seamlessly with a quick and easy installation.

With German engineering at its core, the counter-current system from BINDER is available for a range of performance levels. The intuitive app allows you to create training programs that are best suited to you.

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“Our brief was a lap pool for regular exercise in the best position without being overbearing on the garden layout. The Lagoon team came with practical ideas which they implemented in constant consultation. The whole project was a great success and it was a pleasure to have the team on site.”

Rob, Weybridge

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