Safety Covers

Lagoon Pools highly recommend the installation of a fully automated safety cover to your swimming pool. Safety covers provide families with an absolute peace of mind regarding the safety of children and family pets; once closed, a safety cover can hold weight in excess of 1000kg and help to mitigate any potential accidents.

Safety Cover Benefits

There are additional benefits to the covers, as they also help maintain a debris-free pool, reduce heating expenses as well as increase the system efficiency. The covers available at Lagoon Pools come fully guaranteed and installed by our trusted partners who create stream lined fully integrated covers. Colours are available in a wide choice to suit the aesthetics of any landscape.

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“I can’t thank Giuseppe, Lorenzo and the team at Lagoon enough – we couldn’t be happier with the result. They made the whole process of constructing our pool very straight forward. They were a total pleasure to work with and made the whole experience enjoyable.”

Andrea, Weybridge 

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