Maintaining your swimming pool is more than simply keeping the surfaces clean. Treating the water inside the pool is just as important as treating the pool itself, as poorly treated water can often result in damage to the structure as well as pose a number of health risks.


Sand is added to pool filters in order to filter out debris and dirt and while it is effective, there are better performing alternatives. The AFM® Activated Filter Media offers twice the performance of sand filters without the further costs involved in the added infrastructure.

Like Lagoon Pools, the AFM® Activated Filter Media is built to last. It is manufactured from a specific recycled glass type, sourced in the UK, that is processed in order to reach the optimum particle size.


In addition to the longevity, the AFM® Activated Filter Media offers a number of unique benefits to your swimming pool. The filter fully prevents bacterial growth and biocoagulation within the filter bed as well as filtering microplastics to make the water in your pool safer than ever. This filter media also reduces the amount of disinfectant (chlorine) needed.

The filter also provides a much more energy efficient approach to water filtration; the shorter and slower backwashes allow for greater water saving that is not as possible with other options.

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