Servicing, Maintenance & Refurbishment

Regular servicing is imperative to keeping water clean and crystal clear. Lagoon Pools service division maintains contracts for an extensive list of family and commercial clients


Regular servicing is imperative to keeping water clean and crystal clear. PH levels, Chlorine levels, filters, electrolysis and UV can all be looked after by the Lagoon Pools servicing team. Vacuuming the pool, cover cleaning, Mosaic cleaning as well as filter system checking and backwashing are maintained weekly or, at the most, bi-monthly.

Lagoon Pools has service and maintenance contracts for an extensive list of family and commercial pools in and around the Surrey and Greater London areas. We are happy to send out a servicing engineer if you require an estimate for your ongoing servicing needs at no cost. Once assessed, our engineer will provide a tailored servicing programme for all your pool and spa needs.

Outdoor pools will need opening for spring/summer seasons and closing once autumn falls and Winter approaches. We offer a complete opening and closing package which will involve deep cleaning ready for use and protection ahead of the Winter months. This will include inspections of plant equipment and chemical balancing.

We can also offer lessons to individual clients who wish to maintain their pool themselves.


Lagoon Pools are on standby to repair and maintain pool and spa pumps, filters, heat and air handling systems, control panels and water levels.

Plant room equipment can need replacing over time. Advances in pool technology mean we can now give our clients economical solutions and superior products. Environmental conditions have pushed many old pool plant rooms to be re-fitted for a greener future. Our Electrical and heating engineers are fully GASSAFE and NICEIC registered and form an integral part of our long established team.

Filtration media commonly needs replacing or cleaning after 5 years. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel upgrades and efficiency boosting is needed.

Refurbishment & Repairs

Lagoon Pools specialise in transforming tired pools into serene balanced spaces that can once again be fully enjoyed. Over time pools will deteriorate, becoming in need of repairing, modernisation and refinishing. One of our favoured project types is refurbishing mosaic pools that need a lift into the 21st century. We take great pride in our blending of both tradition and contemporary designs and these projects allow us to fully display that. Replacing old pools with a new fresh mosaic finish can add real value and luxury to a pool and is something we would highly recommend.

Whether it’s the mosaic, a cracked shell, filtration and heating systems, lighting or the pool surround (copings/patio), Lagoon Pools has vast experience in private and commercial that require frequent maintenance and refurbishment.

Safety Covers

Swim Turbine

If you have a smaller swimming pool but are looking to enjoy the added benefits of having a larger body to swim in, Lagoon Pools recommends the addition of an integrated counter-current system. These can pump a powerful stream of water into your pool meaning you can swim in place, helping you to hit your fifty laps without having to turn around.

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Water Treatment Setup

Maintaining your swimming pool is more than simply keeping the surfaces clean. Treating the water inside the pool is just as important as treating the pool itself, as poorly treated water can often result in damage to the structure as well as pose a number of health risks.

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Lagoon Pools can arrange site visits for prospective clients within Surrey, South London, Berkshire, Middlesex and neighbouring counties. For more information regarding the servicing and maintenance of your swimming pool, contact Lagoon Pools today.