Our Difference

Lagoon Pools is a family run business that understands the enjoyment that a swimming pool can bring. Based in Surrey, we have a storied history of providing reliable and expertly crafted swimming pools to family homes, property developments and architects for over forty years. But our expertise are not just in design and construction. Our team of engineers also provide continued care and maintenance that will keep your pool in the perfect condition.

For a swimming pool to be safe for kids and parents alike, carrying out regular checks and maintenance is imperative. What Lagoon Pools offer our customers is a service that mirrors our dedication and care to each individual project. Our care for our customers is demonstrated by our ongoing maintenance service.

We take a holistic view of the swimming pool build, factoring in all elements from the initial design to the final installation, including the garden landscaping. We avoid simply looking at where there is space to build but instead endeavour to build reliable and expertly designed swimming pools that work as an effective feature of your garden. With Lagoon Pools, you will find a precision and care that goes into each build we undertake remains unmatched.

Carbon Statement

Lagoon Pool’s recent carbon assessment report revealed that the insulated pools we build provide customers with a more environmentally and financially beneficial product compared to an uninsulated build. 

Total heat loss per hour for an uninsulated pool was found to be 11.2 kilowatts (kWh), whereas this is only 5.26 kWh for insulated pools. In terms of cost, the cost to supply electricity for an uninsulated pool over a year is £7,398. For an insulated pool, this cost is just £3,467.

For more information regarding the differences between uninsulated versus insulated pools or to read more of the carbon assessment, click here.

“I can’t thank Giuseppe, Lorenzo and the team at Lagoon enough – we couldn’t be happier with the result. They made the whole process of constructing our pool very straight forward. They were a total pleasure to work with and made the whole experience enjoyable.”

Andrea, Weybridge 

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